manuscript: RISING WITH ALSO

from the unpublished chapbook RISING WITH ALSO


  • Buddhist Poetry Review (#4, Spring 2012): “Elegy”
  • Felt Sun (Winter, 2011): “Topsoil”
  • Inch (#6: Winter, 2007): “Aristotle and the Swallow”
  • Inman Review (#1: Fall, 2009): “Company, Dreaming, Kept Us”
  • The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts (June 19, 2017): “An Overheard Conversation”
  • Right Hand Pointing (Issue #47, 2012): “Change”
  • Right Hand Pointing (#15: 2007): “Home of the Brave”
  • Ruminate: “The Grotto” (#48, 2018)

McLellan’s “Grotto” works through the rich veins of memory toward an “obscure opening,” trying to make sense of the past: “You / left 23 years ago // and I’ve been at least // 23 people.” Like Blair, McLellan is invested in how sound and sense guide and collide. The light seen through the poem’s “obscure opening” transforms by the poem’s end when the speaker himself becomes “alight.” The self becomes the thing that illuminates the dark corners of memory, exposing what it has become. — Kristin George Bagdanov

  • Shift: “A Holiday” (forthcoming)
  • Town Creek Poetry (Fall, 2011): “The Trouble with Saturation”
  • Town Creek Poetry (Fall, 2009): “Arran Island” and “Holy Island”


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