manuscript: RENDERING

from the full-length in-progress poetry manuscript

  • Barrow Street (forthcoming):  “Winterberries IV” and “Winterberries VI”
  • Barrow Street (Winter, 2009): “Winterberries XIV” (revised and formerly titled,  “Untitled”)
  • Bombay Gin (forthcoming): “Winterberries XIII” and “Winterberries XVI”
  • Chautauqua (forthcoming): “Ecosystem”
  • Ghost Proposal (Issue #10, 2019): “The People (Erasure of Kevin McLellan’s Rendition of Maurice Blanchot’s “The One Who Was Standing Apart From Me” Translated by Lydia Davis)”
  • Interim (#27, 1 & 2: 2009): “Asterisk (Rendition of John Ashbery’s “And the Stars Were Shining”)”
  • Interim (Vol. 36, Issue #3): “The Corridor: Erasure of Kevin McLellan’s Rendition of Maurice Blanchot’s “The Last Man” Translated by Lydia Davis”
  • Thrush Poetry Journal (March, 2017): “Floriculture”
  • Typo (#30): “Ashbery” and “Too Bright for Landscapes”
  • Ruminate (#49, Winter 2018/2019): “The Art of Fugue: “Winterberries II” ***Honorable Mention for the 2018 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize.  
  • Sixth Finch (Fall, 2018): “Winterberries IX” and “Winterberries X”
  • Small Po[r]tions (#4 print, 2015): “The Curtain (Erasure of Kevin McLellan’s Rendition of Maurice Blanchot’s Death Sentence translated by Lydia Davis)”
  • Tammy (Issue 10): “Clouds”
  • Water~Stone Review (forthcoming): “The Geranium”
  • Western Humanities Review (Vol. 65.2: Summer 2011): “The Margins (Rendition of Maurice Blanchot’s The Madness of the Day translated by Lydia Davis)”

***Towards the end of this poem the music is really strong: “so instead of saying / that he had nothing to say he said / nothing at all, and we turned into notes.” This reminded me of Stevens. Any poet who can remind one of Stevens and survive is a real thing. Ilya Kaminsky (Judge)