Ornitheology: The Word Works, 2018Ornitheology_Draft2

Review by Julie Marie Wade:

review (by Megan Alpert):

2019 Massachusetts Book Awards

19th Award:  The Wall by Ilan Stavans (Pittsburgh)
19th Honors:  Ornitheology by Kevin McLellan (Word Works) and Rewilding by January Gill O’Neil (CavanKerry)
19th Must Reads: Blood Labors by Daniel Tobin; Pray Me Stay Eager by Ellen Dore Watson; Bad Harvest by Dzvinia Orlowsky; White Storm by Gary Metras; My Tarantella by Jennifer Martelli; Shadow-Feast by Joan Houlihan; Night Unto Night by Martha Collins; See the Wolf by Sarah Sousa; Stanley’s Girl: Poems by Susan Eisenberg


Ornitheology poems also appear in these journals and anthologies

  • American Letters & Commentary (#24, 2013): “Concerning the dotted line”
  • Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review: (#36: Summer, 2011): “From”
  • Buddhist Poetry Review (#4, Spring 2012): “On being well”
  • Dirty Napkin (Volume 3.2: Spring, 2010): “Untitled (The wind grips with icy teeth and this older man…)”
  • failbetter (Issue 40: Summer, 2011): “And they appeared like suns”
  • Folio (Spring 2015): “Anecdote of a Grave Man”
  • The Fourth River (Fall, 2015): “Artifacts” and “Portland (As I walk to another bus depot on my eventual…)”
  • Fringe Magazine (Issue 25: Winter, 2011): “Untitled (These streets…),” “Untitled (You said something else: you decide to not…),” and “Untitled (You worry about me worrying about you…)”
  • Gargoyle (#62, 2015): “Surveyors”
  • Hawai’i Review (#79, 2014): “Parallel”
  • Horse Less Review (#9: 2011): “Untitled (One is not anonymous)” and “When we are no longer:”
  • Ilk Journal (#7, 2013): “The Cartography of Furniture” and “This isn’t about silence”
  • inter|rupture (#19, February, 2017): “Things Are Not What They Seem” and “Preface to a Hangnail”
  • Lines + Stars (Spring/Summer 2013): “Untitled (On the brown carpet, an envelope…)” and “Untitled (These sparrows flying low…)”
  • Moledro Magazine (#4, December 2016): “After the Biggest Give” and “Magnetic Field”
  • The Ocean State Review (2013): “In between the leaves dropping”
  • Plath Profiles (#5 2012): “Sand Shiner”
  • poems2go (September, 2017): “Dear Canaries”
  • Poetry East (#71: Fall, 2011): “And”
  • Reality Beach (#5, 2018): “Lines and Circles,” “Schisms,” and “What Happened in the Night”
  • Ruminate (#30, 2013): “Hands”
  • Sixth Finch (2016): “The Last Day in June”
  • Sixth Finch (Spring, 2014): “What Must Stay Behind”
  • Sixth Finch (Summer, 2012): “Any form of water” and “(a sentence)”
  • Sliver of Stone (#6, 2013): “Counterpoint”
  • Sugar House Review Sound of Sugar series (July 5, 2014): “There’s hard light and soft light”
  • Sugar House Review (#9: Fall/Winter, 2013): “There’s hard light and soft light” and “Visiting”
  • Sugar House Review (#2: Spring, 2010):Untitled (Guilt the entire day for not helping…)”
  • Sugar House Review (#5: Fall/Winter, 2011): “Untitled (I’ve heard that due west…)” and “Untitled (That portion of the iced-over pond, where…)”
  • Superstition Review (#17, May, 2016): “Chambers,” “Firmament,” “Push,” and “Nude”
  • Superstition Review (podcast, February 10, 2015): “Eschatology,” “Nota Bene,” and “Dear Canaries,”
  • Superstition Review (#14, 2014): “Dear Canaries,” “Eschatology” and “Nota Bene”
  • Tuesday; An Art Project: “Namely” (broadside): 2016
  • Thrush Poetry Journal (September 2015): “Please Establish a View”
  • Thrush Poetry Journal (March, 2013): “His interior, thickening” (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)
  • Versal #8: Spring, 2010): “Untitled (Despite not understanding enough of the what…)”
  • West Branch (#78 Spring/Summer 2015): “The Horse Isn’t Dead” and “Frontier” (nominated for Pushcart Prize)
  • “His interior, thickening” in Helen Vitoria, ed., Thrush Poetry Journal: an Anthology of the first two years: Thrush Press: 2014 (pg 342)
  • “Parallel” in Christine Hamm, eds. Like a Fat Gold Watch. Brooklyn: fat gold watch press: 2018 (pgs 132-133)
  • \“Dear Canaries” in James Crews and Michael Walsh, eds., Queer Nature (forthcoming)
  • “Portland (I returned to you)” in Emily Jane Young and Dani LeBlanc eds., Be Wilder. Portland, Maine: Pine Pitch Press: 2015 (pg 114)