book object: HEMISPHERES

Hemispheres (Fact-Simile Editions, 2019) is housed in archives: the special collections in the Poetry Center at the University of Arizona. Also, available at The University at Buffalo library.


Hemispheres poems appear in these journals and anthology

  • Barrow Street (Winter 2014/2015): “Red Apples (In The) Glass Bowl,” “The Rakes (Are In) The Attic,” and “Nerve Endings”
  • Crazyhorse (#87, Spring 2015): “Inside Façade” and “The Sky Cellar”
  • Fourteen Hills (#20: No 1: 2013): “Carnal Knowledge”
  • Pangyrus (August 30, 2015): “Crows With Sun”
  • Requited Journal (#11, 2014): “Dream Interrupted,” “Mineral Kingdom,” Sound Bite Sound Off,” and “With Curtains”
  • Salt Hill (#35, 2015): “Red On White”
  • Sonora Review (#71, 2016): “Terra Cotta” and “Without Curtains”
  • Tammy (#7, 2017): “Reading (in) the Sun”
  • Timber (October 6: Fall 2015): “The Plurality of Each Each”
  • “Crows With Sun” in Greg Harris ed., Pangyrus 2. Cambridge: Pangyrus 2016.