video: duck hunting with the grammarian

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DICK 6:20 (2020) is a homoerotic short that mashes-up public domain sources (three 1940’s educational films starring Dick York, a 1940’s anti-gay propaganda film, music from different decades, and a quote from David Wojnarowicz) to survey representations of gayness from different lenses.

LGBTQ+ Los Angeles Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA, September 27, 2022

Audience Feedback:

Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival
(Academy Award Qualifying, BAFTA Qualifying,
& Canadian Screen Award Qualifying)
Providence, RI (August 9-15, 2021)

Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Vancouver, Canada (August 12-22, 2021)

Berlin Short Film Festival
Berlin, Germany (July 5-15, 2021) 
Tag! Queer Shorts Festival
Portland, Oregon (February, 2021)

Inside: After Being Acted Upon 4:24 (2020)

Auto body. Auto parts. Body parts. The body. An affected response to surgical violence. The film attempts to claim. To reclaim. To recover.                  


Solar Plexus 6:56 (2020)

A meditative exploration of interiority that self-isolation demands, silence, and the imagination during the COVID pandemic.

Oxygen 2:24 (2017)