photography: Wojnarowicz in Cambridge

: a response and a tribute to David Wojnarowicz’s Rimbaud in New York series, a project in which Wojnarowicz was photographed wearing a mask of the transgressive French poet, Arthur Rimbaud. Wojnarowicz in Cambridge brings queer visibility into the public sphere, invites one to consider identity politics. I used a digital camera and several disposable cameras to document local young men in front of: pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, a bench rainbow-colored gay, and graffiti to honor David’s relationship with public art.

Photos DTS Clear Acrylic, Clear 0# Acrylic – Clear 1/4″Smooth, High Res UV Ink Jet on 1 side

#2 “Sodom Today”-Nathaniel (18 X 24)
#10 “Drug C”-Ryan (18 X 24)
#23 “Brutalist”–Brett (16 X 20)